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Discover the math resources and tools you need for you and your students to succeed while doing math.

Join the 3,700+ teachers across the province who currently use Mathify as a classroom resource. Our shared interactive whiteboard lets you walk your students through complex math concepts. This is the math teaching support system you have always wanted – supporting you and guiding your students when they need it most – in class and after school.

After school, the learning can continue. Mathify connects your grade 7-10 students to free online after school math tutoring with Ontario certified math teachers. The added personalized learning helps to ensure your students fully comprehend the math concepts taught in class.

Feature Supports Surriculum

Supports the Ontario math curriculum

Feature Whiteboard

Interactive shared whiteboard for classroom demonstrations

Feature Locker

Unlimited 24/7 access to online math resources

Feature Endorsed

Endorsed by the Ontario Ministry of Education

Feature Help Students

Anonymous & secure online learning space

Feature Compatible

Compatible on all devices

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What Ontario students are saying about Mathify!

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“At first I was confused, but then my tutor explained ratios to me and I nailed my test! The teacher wants me to help other kids now and I love this website so much, and I will tell my teacher about this so others can us this.”

– Grade 7 student from the Halton District School Board

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“I found this very helpful. In the classroom the teacher is trying to help everyone all at the same time. Here you have a chance to ask someone privately with whatever it is you’re struggling with.”

– Grade 8 student from the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board

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“It was a generally great experience. This site was recommended by my teacher and I actually told a friend about it as well.”

– Grade 9 student from the Toronto District School Board

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“It really helped me understand certain concepts and it’s great to be able to ask questions about my homework instead of needing to wait until the next day of school!”

– Grade 10 student from the Sudbury Catholic District School Board