Privacy Policy

TVO is the service provider of Mathify on behalf of Ontario’s Ministry of Education.

Note: This Privacy Policy uses "we" and "us", which refers to TVO. Please also note that "you" and "your" refers to our users - students and educators as applicable or collectively.

Privacy is an important issue — to you and to us.

TVO is committed to respecting the confidentiality of all of Mathify users' personal information and to making Mathify a safe online destination.

What Information We Collect

  1. When students register online with Mathify, we ask students to provide the following pieces of personal information:
    1. Ontario Education Number (“OEN”) or a functional equivalent;
    2. email address;
    3. grade; and
    4. course level (Applied, Academic etc.).
    5. the school board or other corresponding educational authority that the student is affiliated with.

    This information is collected to support operation of the site and for the purposes set out below. During the registration process, students will be asked to create a username. We strongly advise that you do not use any personally identifiable information in your username. Although usernames are not visible to other students or otherwise disclosed usernames are visible to Mathify tutors and TVO personnel and contractors in the course of providing and maintaining the Mathify service.

    As TVO does not require student names for registration, personal information and account information is linked to the applicable OEN or functional equivalent and never to a student’s name. Only the responsible educational authority (such as the Ministry of Education, or the applicable school board, or applicable school) has access to student names and the corresponding OEN or functional equivalents.

    While we do not have access to student names, an OEN can tell us what school board, and in some cases what school a student user attends. We collect information, on behalf of the Ministry of Education, about users’ schools and school boards to enable the planning and allocation of resources at the school and school board level. For example, the information may be used to direct additional promotion of Mathify services to certain schools and school boards.

    Mathify tutors do not have access to your OEN. Only the TVO personnel and contractors that need to know this information to support carrying out the Mathify services (including the creation of reports to facilitate planning, delivery, and resource allocation) have access to this information.

  2. We collect information about usage of the Mathify service including log information such as details of how you used our service. This information is collected to improve the quality of the Mathify service and to manage content delivery. For example, this information helps us to make decisions about the browsers and platforms Mathify supports and helps us to identify other technical infrastructure requirements. We may also use information to create content such as topic chat rooms for questions that come up often.
  3. Educators will be required to provide the following pieces of information in order to register online with Mathify:
    1. the educator’s first and last name;
    2. a valid e-mail address issued by an Ontario school board or Ontario’s Ministry of Education; and
    3. the school board or other corresponding educational authority that the educator is affiliated with.

    Unlike the student accounts an OEN will not be required for educator accounts. These accounts are separate from and have no access or affiliation to any student accounts. Note that accounts for educators are not able to access the Tutor Chat Room function. Parents, guardians, and other interested parties can no longer access Mathify through guest accounts and past guest accounts will be disabled.

  4. How We Use Your Information

  5. We only collect and use personal information necessary to carrying out the Mathify services. We will not disclose, sell, release or rent your personal information to any other third parties, companies or people, unless we explicitly state otherwise or unless required by law.
  6. On behalf of the Ministry of Education, we collect information on data and trends (including usage on an individual level) to better understand student response to the curriculum. Direct transcripts of the Mathify sessions are not shared with the Ministry of Education as part of the collection and disclosure of information
  7. Aggregated (non-individual) information on data and trends will also be provided to participating school boards. Data will be stripped out of reports to school boards where there are only ten (10) or fewer possible student users within a school board or individual school to prevent the identification of any one individual student user.
  8. We will use your email address to contact you to present you with information relevant to your use of the Mathify website (e.g. site updates, account maintenance).
  9. If you have opted in you will also receive other communications from Mathify more fully described during the opt in process.
    1. If at any time you no longer wish to receive these emails, please log into your account and deselect "Subscribe to our newsletters" from your profile.
    2. You can choose to stop receiving emails at any time by using the unsubscribe option on any communication we send you.
  10. Where a student abuses the Terms of Use, we reserve the right to discontinue providing the Mathify service to the student and may close, terminate, or disable the student’s account. We will contact the student via the email address provided to notify that student of the closure, termination, or disablement of the account.
  11. When students use the Tutor Chat Rooms, students remain anonymous through the use of usernames. Previously, we featured selected tutor-student chat sessions and made such sessions available to all users to better provide students answers to common questions. Some of these sessions, now known as Videos, remain on the site as a resource for students. We do not select any individual tutor-chat session to be preserved and made available in this manner anymore. Nevertheless, we continue to encourage students to be mindful of the information they disclose when posting in Mathify. Only disclose information you would be comfortable sharing in a public forum..
  12. When you register and sign in to your account, your information is protected by industry standard encryption technology.
  13. We reserve the right to disclose any collected information to the Ministry of Education, relevant school board, educational equivalent, or the appropriate law enforcement agency, local children’s aid society, or other appropriate entity in urgent situations affecting health or safety or where such disclosure may be legally required.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, call 416-484-2665 if in the Toronto area or toll-free at 1-800-463-6886 and ask to speak with TVO's Privacy Officer. Alternatively, you can send written correspondence by e-mail to or by mail to Attn: TVO Privacy Officer, Legal Services & Business Affairs, TVO, 2180 Yonge Street, Box 200, Station Q, Toronto, Ontario, M4T 2T1.

Ministry of Education

As noted above, TVO delivers this service on behalf of the Ministry of Education, and information about you and your use of Mathify is provided to the Ministry.For more information about this collection of your information, see the Ministry'sNotice of Indirect Collection of Personal Information.

This Privacy Policy was last revised on March 27, 2018.